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Beyond4 is an integrated platform for Industry 4.0 which combines highly automated learning systems, customized seminars and workshops, modern digital learning media as well the latest didactic methods to drive progressive digital transformation for your organization.

Our direction is to focus on 3 key areas of development:

StaySafe & Go Beyond


The “Stay Safe & Go Beyond” initiative will be offered to all industries in Malaysia via training, safety and hygiene procedures and processes are in place in accordance with globally recognized best practices and recommendations followed by the final step, health screening to ensure the health of your employees related as a preventive measures for a safer business restart post pandemic which will give your clients and employees the confidence to bounce back.


HighUp Initiative

Hire Skilled Workforce with FUNDED Grants & Training

HighUp initiative is driven by a primary goal which is to be a Training & Certification Platform for companies and organisations actively hiring. The initiative will birth forth employees which are skilled in their respective areas within the industry via future-proof courses and professional certifications to up-skill the new batch of hiring employees with the latest industry related skill set. Through our government and technology accelerators collaborations, we provide completely FREE courses that are subsidized by the latest education schemes.

This webinar will give you insights on the emerging careers which involves IoT & how you can leverage on IoT as an individual, business or organisation.

This initiative drives employment and propel the economy and businesses with employees that are trained, certified and skilled to propagate the company forward in the digital era.



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