With Oracle Applications, Database, Oracle Java & Middleware, Operating Systems, Oracle Cloud Systems and Virtualization, you'll gain proficiency using a variety of solutions that automate manual and time consuming business processes. From Business Intelligence, to Procurement, to Financials and more, our expert Oracle Applications instructors deep dive into more than 80 products.

Oracle Database will help you develop a thorough understanding of Oracle Database, as well as its related products. With more than 50 Database offerings, enhance your knowledge of Database 11g, MySQL, Data Guard, and more.

Oracle Java and Middleware takes you on a technical deep dive into Siebel, Java EE, Web Services, and more. With more than 40 Oracle products to choose from, expand your skill set through a variety of learning formats.

With Oracle Operating Systems, take courses on Linux Administration, Solaris Cluster, Solaris Security, and more. Choose course material based on your experience level, area of interest, and preferred learning format.

Oracle Systems helps you develop expertise in Disk Storage Administration, Pillar Axiom 600, NAS Administration, and more. Enjoy the freedom of learning on your own time, at your own pace.

To gain the latest and most in depth knowledge, consider Oracle Virtualization Training. With the help of expert OU instructors, learn how to virtualize and manage your full hardware and software stack, step-by-step.
Course / Program Title Days Who Should Attend
Oracle Database 12c: Administration Workshop    
The Oracle Database 12c: Administration Workshop will teach you about the Oracle Database architecture. You will discover how to effectively manage an Oracle Database instance, configure the Oracle Network Environment and perform database maintenance. 5 Days
  • Database Administrators
  • Support Engineer
  • Technical Consultant
  • Technical Administrator
Oracle Database 12c: New Features for Administrators Ed 2    
New Features for Administrators Ed 2 course, you’ll learn about the new and enhanced features and options of Oracle Database 12c. Expert instructors will teach you how these features and options increase security, manageability and performance. In this course, you will be introduced to Oracle Database Cloud Service. 5 Days
  • Administrators
  • Database Administrators
  • System Administrator
Oracle Database 12C R2: Managing Multitenant Architecture    
Managing Multitenant Architecture course, you will receive a good knowledge of the Oracle Multitenant option. In the course, you gain a conceptual understanding of the multitenant architecture and learn how to manage an Oracle multitenant container database and its different types of pluggable databases in an effective and efficient manner. In this course you will learn how to create a database deployment in the Cloud. 4 Days
  • Architect
  • Administrator
  • Database Administrator
MySQL for Database Administrators    
The MySQL for Database Administrators enables DBAs and other database professionals to maximize their organization's investment in MySQL. Learn to configure the MySQL Server, set up replication and security, perform database backups and recoveries, optimize query performance, and configure for high availability. 5 Days
  • Database Administrators
  • Cloud Administrators
  • Database Designers
  • Web Administrators
Course / Program Title Days Who Should Attend
Java SE: Programming I    
This entry-level course is aimed at programmers who are new to Java and who need to learn its concepts, language constructs, and data types. The course is designed for programmers who will apply these language skills to develop programs using the latest major versions of the JDK, currently Java 11. 5 Days
  • Developer
  • Implementer
  • System Integrator
  • Systems Administrator
Java SE: Programming II    
This is a second-level course for people learning the Java language. It provides the additional key skills needed by Java programmers. This course uses today's main Java version for its practices (currently Java 11). 5 Days
  • Data Scientist
  • Developer
  • Implementer
Java SE 8 Fundamentals    
This Java SE 8 Fundamentals training enables those with little or no programming experience to learn object-oriented programming using the Java language. It provides a solid foundation to build upon throughout your software development career. 5 Days
  • Administrator
  • Developer
  • Implementer Manager
  • Systems Administrator
Java SE 8 Programming    
This Java SE 8 Programming training covers the core language features and Application Programming Interfaces (API) you will use to design object-oriented applications with Java Standard Edition 8 (Java SE 8) Platform. Use this course to further develop your skills with the Java language and prepare for the Oracle Certified Professional, Java SE 8 Programmer Exam! 5 Days
  • Developer
Java Foundations    
This course of study engages students with little programming experience. Students are introduced to object-oriented concepts, terminology, and syntax, and the steps required to create basic Java programs using hands-on, engaging activities. Students will learn the concepts of Java programming, design object-oriented applications with Java and create Java programs using hands-on, engaging activities. 90 hours
  • Educators
  • Students

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