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Introduction to Industry 4.0 for Senior Management    
Industry 4.0 will create digital networks and ecosystems that in many cases will span the globe, but still retain distinct regional footprints. Both developed and developing markets stand to gain dramatically.

Data fuels Industry 4.0 and successful data analytics is the prerequisite for successful implementation of digital enterprise applications. It's time to move from a phase of discovery and understanding what data is available and what it is worth to one of insights and action. 'First movers' are already making the shift and using data analytics to help drive decision-making.

To move forward with Industry 4.0, digital capabilities are all important. These take time and concentration; a step-by-step approach is important. But move with deliberate speed, so that you don't lose the first-mover advantage to competitors.
1 Day Management Team Members, Key Decision Makers, and Team Leads (Operations, Business, Division)
Industry 4.0: How to Justify the ROI    
Many organisations face huge obstacles in justifying the investment plan for their Industry 4.0 migration. They need to have a comprehensive analysis of the benefits and financial gains to convince the top senior management team and shareholders of the necessity to upgrade and migrate. This course is designed to provide a basic introduction on how to construct a list of tangible and intangible benefits to support the investment plan on migration towards Industry 4.0. 1 Day Senior Executives and Management Team Members
Industry 4.0: Introduction to Concepts & Technology Pillars    
In the current industry environment, providing high-end quality service or product at the least cost is a major determinant of success. Factories are constantly trying to lower their cost and increase their revenue. By utilising data to understand current operating conditions and detecting faults and failures, factories that deploy Industry 4.0 technologies are able to use condition monitoring and fault diagnosis to gain more insight on the status of the factory and improve yields. This program is specially designed to introduce participants to the key design principles of the new industrial revolution, its key challenges, as well as new potential opportunities throughout the entire value chain of the implementation. 2 Days Members of the Industry, OT Staff, and IT Personnel
Industry 4.0: Technology Pillars Step 1 to 6 SMART Approach    
Industry 4.0 describes a future state of industry that is characterised by thorough digitalisation of economic and production flows. It requires horizontal integration at every step of the production process in interaction with machines. In the globally interconnected world of Industry 4.0, machines also interact with one another. This program is designed with a simple step-by-step approach to facilitate the overall transformation process, with the end-in-mind of improving productivity and efficiency, reducing cost and waste, and becoming more lean and profitable. The eleven pillar tools approach will complement the existing problem solving tools such the PDCA cycle and Total Productive Maintenance (TPM). The SMART approach refers to the Systematic Measured Analytical Root Cause Technique, which consists 2 Days Management Team Members (Department/Section/Integration), Technical Executives, and Non­ Technical Executives
Industry 4.0: Start Small, Win Big Toolkits (Using MAA)    
One of the fundamental parts of the Industry 4.0 transformation strategy is to enable more robust problem solving techniques by utilising the technological toolkits to solve complex problems. In this program, participants will be exposed to different analytical concepts and will be introduced to the key steps of problem solving using the MAA (Measure, Analyse, and Action). By using the MAA approach, organisations can kick-start their pilot run on their journey towards Industry 4.0 transformation with just a few simple and practical steps. Each step will have a detailed task for the project leader to drive the team towards achieving the end goal of predicting potential issues. 2 Days Middle Management Team Members (Department/Section/Integration), Technical Executives, and Non-Technical Executives

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